Lean User Groups

This user group consists of 6 manufactures from the Mason County Manufactures Association (MCMA). These groups include; Whitehall Industries, Brill Manufacturing, FloraCraft Corporation, Carrom Company, Metalworks, and Greatlakes Castings.

The purpose of this group is to create an environment that is welcoming to new ideas as well as to stimulate continuous improvement in manufacturing areas.

This group meets quarterly at a host company for two hours. During this session, each company has an opportunity to present their current project, the progress they have made and any further work that is going to take place. Once projects are complete, each company presents to the group their results and data for group review and feedback.

While onsite at each host company a “waste walk” takes place giving each member the opportunity to provide any feedback that may help make the company better.

Each company is responsible for “homework” that they are working on in the time between meetings.

One of the most important aspects of the user group is the resources and contacts that are made and information that is shared.

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